About Us

Meet the Arizona's Pet Stylist Team!

Meet Chris and Kay 

Hi everyone, meet Chris and Kay Richmond, owners of this wonderful mobile pet grooming service. The beginnings of Arizona's Pet Stylist came about when Kay started offering pet grooming in her own back yard or in people's homes, typically performed in clients' laundry rooms or bathrooms.  From that point, AZ Pet Stylist has now grown to a thriving team of individuals with 6 mobile units and 10 stylists. Kay's pet groomer experience began at the young age of 15 and has continued to this day. Her skills in grooming and knowledge of cats and dogs include a Bachelor of Animal Science, certified instructor of Pet CPR and First Aid, Pet Aesthetician Certification, a Certified Salon Professional through the IPG (International Professional Groomer's Association), and Fear Free Certified.  Chris, her husband, joined the team in 2014 to help manage and keep operations running smoothly. Together they have put together a team of extraordinary individuals who provide the best and most trusted mobile pet grooming service in the entire southeast valley named Arizona's Pet Stylist. Give us a shot and you won't be disappointed!

Meet Allison

Hi! I'm Allison! I am a wife and a mom to an awesome little girl, and one crazy dog. I love to read, collect as many books as I can, and do "granny crafts" like sewing and Swedish weave. I also have a mild Disney obsession. I am excited to be in the office here at AZ Pet Stylist and I look forward to speaking with you on the other end of the phone line!

Meet Asia

More information coming soon.

Meet Chloe

More information coming soon.

Meet Connor

Hi there, my name is Connor. I'm a huge dog lover and always have been, so its no surprise that my first job turned out to be as a dog bather at Petsmart. I started there in 2007 and two years later I became a groomer there. Its something I love more and more as the learning, fun, and new experiences never cease. My newest experience: working as a mobile pet stylist at AZ Pet Stylist, and it is mind-boggling how amazing it has proven to be. I can't see myself working in this business any other way ever again and so I very much look forward to accommodating you and your pets!

Meet Amanda 

Hi there! I'm Amanda, and I've been grooming since November of 2011. I originally started as a bather at Petsmart to gain experience with animals because I wanted to become a veterinarian. Within weeks I feel in love with the job and decided I would rather make them look cute than give them shots. Shortly after becoming certified to do haircuts on dogs, I decided that I wanted to groom cats as well. I have always loved animals and couldn't imagine not working with them. I can't wait to meet you and your doggies and kitties.

Meet Letanya 

Hi, Hello my name is Letanya Lambert. I was born in San Diego but raised in my "home" state of Arizona since age 2. I have a wonderful husband of 9 years with whom I have 2 amazing children (plus one silly mutt). I have been around animals my entire life and have handled everything from horses to quail. My passions are hiking, fishing, campfires, and nature/outdoors. I have been grooming pets since 2010 and still love it! I pride myself on being able to groom "troublesome" dogs, helping them move past their anxiety and/or traumatic experiences. I want dogs that have had trouble going to groomers to want to come back to me, to make it an enjoyable and rewarding time for both of us. I hope to give your loved one a happy, healthy, and clean style.

Meet Brittany 

Hi, my name is Brittany and I have been grooming since 2015. I have always loved animals my whole life, just like every other little girl. I wanted to become a vet, but as I got older I realized it would be too heartbreaking. Instead, I became a dog and cat groomer. When I was younger I helped my grandpa bathe his dogs weekly. Little did I know that would turn into a very meaningful career and better yet a passion! I hope to see you and your babies soon!

Meet Shanna

Hi! My name is Shanna. I grew up on a farm in Washington state, lived in California for nearly a decade, and in September of 2020 I moved to Arizona. I have two dogs at home: Charlie and Whiskey, who are both rescues. I love expressing my creativity in many ways, so in 2006 when I learned I could combine that with my biggest passion, dogs, I jumped right in and have been grooming ever since. My favorite dogs to groom are the ones who need me the most. I am a sucker for seniors or the recently rescued street dogs. In California, I had an opportunity to work closely with a rescue grooming dogs freshly pulled from the streets, changing their entire appearance and allowing potential adopters to see them for who they really were. I'd have to say that was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life: watching them go from a grungy matted mess, to albeit sometimes a completely naked dog with a fresh start, and quickly being adopted by a loving family. 

Meet Ambri

My name is Ambri. Since your fur babies are your family it is important to know whose hand they are in, so, her is a little information about me. I was raised on a farm with my nine siblings. We raised horses, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, chickens, and yes, dogs and cats. Actually, my family owns one of the biggest and best German Shepherd breeding programs in the United States. I have trained dogs with 4-H since I was 9 and even helped teach kids as I got older. I was a pet nutritionist at Pet Club where I helped pet parents figure out exactly what it was their babies need and how to help them be as healthy and happy as they can be. I love to ride horses, country swing dance, explore God's creations, and spend time with my family! I can't wait to meet you and your fur babies and give them a fun spa day and a great style!